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What we do

At Neev we look at each design opportunity differently. The team uses state of the art building physics tools and techniques as well as our indepth understanding of the built environment to make sure no opportunity is missed to enhance the design.

+ Environmental Design

We help create buildings with great environment friendly design that delivers exceptional performance in terms of both comfort and energy.

This is achieved through environmental design principles, and analysis relating to local climate, topography, the design program, form, orientation, functional distribution, glazing, shading, systems, controls, and the local context including policy, subsidies, and compliance.

Our major strength in environmental design is our ability to translate numerical simulation and design data into meaningful architectural terms. This allows the design team to evolve their massing and spatial distribution in the early stages to capture opportunities to enhance comfort and minimise carbon. As the design progresses, other aspects can then be developed for example fenestration and materiality.

+ Certification

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We see certification as a result of a strong sustainability strategy, not just the end goal. We provide Green Building Certification Service for IGBC, LEED, GRIHA and EDGE Rating systems for a wide range of building typologies.

Our sevices include feasibility studies, strategies review, training design teams for certification requirement during design and construction stages, facilitation and documentation.

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