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Gujarat Tourism Policy 2021-25: Towards Sustainable Tourism

Gujarat recently announced new tourism policy. The vision of the new policy is to develop it in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable manner and making it the foremost destination for tourism in India.


Strategies and incentives for Sustainable Tourism

The policy stated that the tourism sector accounts for 8% of the world carbon emission, with the carbon footprint of the tourism sector in India being the fourth largest globally. Therefore, one of the strategies that Gujarat is hoping to follow is to undertake sustainable tourism.

Strategies for Sustainability

The Policy now encourages and incentivizes:

  • Adoption of E-Vehicles by tourism service providers

  • Projects obaining Green Building or Sustainability Certification under IGBC or GRIHA or LEED or any such international accreditation/ certification as identified by SLEC from time to time.

  • Establishment of E-Vehicle charging stations.

  • Obtaining GSTC certification through GSTC accredited agencies by tour operators.

Incentives for Sustainable Tourism

Reimbursement of 50% of the certification fees paid, upto Rs 10 lakh to hotel/ wellness resort obtaining Green Building Certification under IGBC/ GRIHA/ LEED or any such international accreditation / certification as identified by SLEC from time to time.


Download the Policy here

Gujarat Tourism Policy 2021-25
Download • 2.43MB


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